Wordpress / Woocommerce php developers


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Oct 9, 2019
Hi there, We are looking to move our development or at least a portion of our development from India back to South Africa and need to find a developer or a company that can assist on strategy and actual coding for an ecommerce store. Are there any recommendations with regards to people we could use or companies that do a great job. Guys who are good at process, documentation and come at a reasonable cost. This is not a full-time job but you would be part of a team that has a track record and more importantly have the potential to achieve something of significance


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Aug 6, 2018
i, here is my situation. I have over 2 decades development/management/team leader/system analyst/DBA/ all other IT related skills and experience to fit this role. I have studied my BSc computer science degree and also my MBA. Also in terms of your requirements, I have over 8 years in what you require, Wordpress/WooCommerce + PHP 8 years+ fully developing custom code within themes and plugins. I am well versed in over 10 languages (Desktop,Web,Mobile), ASP.Net C#, VB.Net, VB6 an other legacy, PHP, Scripting, JQuery, Web Design, Integration and Open Source exp. Also MS SQL and MySQL. I have been in an accident and last year up to current am in recovery. My legs are fairly fine now in other words I can walk and getting around better. I am looking for a position like this where I can grow and add value to the company. I am looking for similar to what you offer. I live in the north coast Ballito, DBN, KZN and can arrange to relocate fairly easily. I would also prefer contract roles and coupled with remote work if possible.
I await your response as my last career move prior to my accident was my own IT company and ran successfully employing staff and sub contracting my developers to my clients.
I am very keen on this role and hope to hear from you soon on the above, sctually handling it freelance as you will notice this email what time it is sent as I work later...
I have also got in a few freelance juniors so tie will always be taken care off. Where areyou running your sites & Database? I have all the necessary tools, lines, skill and time. I recently worked on a Wordpress Site where the client purchased a custom theme. Not only that, he had me integrate custom PHP code with the built in Roles. And embedded JQuery and BootStrap. To complicate matters he hosted it in Google Cloud Platform all within VMs and it is tricky to get right... but it worked.

Anyway, I spoke too muuch, please contact me directly at: rscsweb@gmail.com or voice/WhatsApp: 071 297 1708 and tell me what you require done. I am very accustomed to working on an hourly rate but let us talk as i am flexible.