Work from home. What does the company provide?


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May 8, 2012
CGT is excluded for the first 2 million on property, also if you only started WFH in 2020 and lets say you stayed in the property for +10 years then amount liable from the 2 mil would be minimal (Even if it is 20% (This is calculated as WFH office space size/ total floor size), which is quite high for an office space)

Then compare that tax liability to the WFH deduction you receive, you should still be the winner at the end of the day.

But I agree the effort of jumping through hoops for SARS is a big pain in the butt.
CGT is excluded for the first R2 million of gain on your primary residence only. If you claim 10% of the space is for office use and get tax exemptions based on that, that 10% no longer forms part of your primary residence and capital gains on that portion are taxed from the first R1 of gain when you sell the property.