World of tanks South African clan 61 Mechanized Battalion


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Oct 1, 2014
Good day fellow wot addicts​

I am known as Major_Hunter the commander of 61 MECH {world of tanks}We are a South African clan named after 61 Mechanized Battalion { many of us served in this unit} We are a casual clan there for anyone is welcome to join us, experienced or noob we do daily platoons skirmishes hang out on teamspeak with new and old friends and just have fun ah yes but we like to win while doing so

Anyone is welcome to join us and we can be found here. We have a player base ranging from 17+ to 50+

We are very active and would like all South Africans to join us roll out with us and kick ass with us this game is for young and old our members are mature minded people and we don't tolerate any drama we insist on just having fun

Real life is priority no 1 and there for we will remain a casual clan made up of members that are not just clan mates but fellow brothers in arms and good friends and because of 61 MECH {the real 61 MECH} reputation we uphold to act in a professional manner while we are having fun

If you served in 61 MEG you are of course most welcome to join us If you didn't serve in 61 MEG you are just as welcome come and show us old toppies how its done lol

After all we are all brothers
See you blokes soon