xAI valued at R337 billion in possible investment offer

Hanno Labuschagne

Staff member
Sep 2, 2019
xAI valued at R337 billion in possible investment offer

Elon Musk’s fledgling AI startup X.AI Corp. is looking to raise $3 billion to $4 billion (R56.22 billion to R74.95 billion) in a deal that would value the company at $18 billion (R337.32 billion), according to materials sent to investors.

Emails about the potential financing, including a roughly 20-page pitch deck, are circulating among Silicon Valley’s venture investing community, according to a person who received one.

... noting that xAI will be able to train on the high-quality data from Musk’s social network X
With the sheer amount of kak on X, xAI will be totally neurotic and decide to end the human race.
Aren't personal networks and track records amazing. People will give money regardless as to what the actual idea is.
Musk will have no issues raising capital evidenced by the ease with which he raises cash for SpaceX and how he corralled investors for acquiring Twitter, now X. Venture capital is an inside club and Musk has a premium membership.