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Oct 16, 2006
For those who have sensibly kept away from the Covfefe thread, or who have put Xarog on ignore: on 6 February 2018, Xarog proposed a bet.

I tell you guys what. We wait 2 months to see who is right. The person who is wrong about the reality of Qanon's connection to Trump and what Trump is planning leave the forum. Anyone wanna take that bet?
I agreed to that bet, and proposed these terms- each of which is a claim that Xarog had recently made, based on his beliefs in Qanon's* veracity (where "you" refers to Xarog):

You win if all of these things will be proven true before the end of 6 April 2018:

1) There will be a massive conflict between Trump and the Clintons - I'm going to state this must be a legal conflict, ie, either Trump sues one of the Clintons or vice versa; or Trump wields political power to ensure the prosecution of Ms. Clinton. This does not include twitter "wars" etc.
2) This conflict will include Soros and the Rothschilds in a material manner,
3) There will be a proven link to child trafficking and human sacrifices, committed by the Clinton family or someone close to them politically.

For the purposes of this bet, the term "human sacrifice" includes the practice of "hunting and killing humans for sport"

All these claims actually need to be brought before a court of law, but the ultimate verdict is irrelevant.
Xarog agreed to the terms, after requesting two modifications (included in the terms above):

a) that the evidence needed to have been brought before a court of law and that
b) hunting humans for sport counts as human sacrifice

(Note: for those who are conspiracy-theorists, and fear that the terms may have been modified, I made a screenshot of the terms and agreement, and uploaded it to imgur.com. You can verify the upload date by following these instructions.)

So we have a bet, between Xarog and I. Either he proves that the three points above are now true, ie, they have been brought up before a court of law as he agreed they would - in which case I will leave the forum, never to return (including sockpuppets). Or, he fails to prove his case, and he leaves, never to return (including sockpuppets).

Xarog was pretty confident about his chances:

...my interest lies in generating what I consider to be self-inflicted Karma.
Lol, If I'm wrong I have no interest in returning either way.
Guys, you do realise that Xarog is just trolling you, right? That regardless of what he does or doesn't believe or what does or doesn't happen, he has zero intention of upholding his word?
I'm not trolling. If I'm wrong about this then I have some soul searching to do. ;)

The terms are "before the end of the 6th of April 2018". Today is that day.

So Xarog, what have you got?

It was inevitable that Xarog would try to bow out of the bet. Even by 14 March, Xarog was wavering:

Lol, I'm not intellectually dishonest at all. And welching on a bet doesn't imply dishonesty in the least.
This despite his earlier taunting:

Sure, then you'll have proof that I'm a coward and a liar and I'll never hear the end of it. What do you have to lose? I can't possibly be right, can I? ;)
Says the guy who wouldn't take a bet he couldn't lose, supposedly.
Because there was no way to know if you were sincere, and you'd be the one who had to say yay or nay. I, on the other hand, am making claims about things that will happen in the outside world over which I have no control.

You might have noticed that you're not exactly known for your sincerity or honesty.
I will be proven right in the end, don't worry. :)

He then later made some interesting assertions about the nature of a bet:

Lol, I'm not intellectually dishonest at all. And welching on a bet doesn't imply dishonesty in the least.
Sorry, Xarog. Welching on a bet is, in fact, dishonest. You cannot claim to be honest and not stand up for what you have stated.

There's nothing illegal about calling off a bet before the die is cast. You're delusional.
This despite informal contracts having legal status in South Africa (a.k.a. "Natural Obligation") While we are both "anonymous" posters on MyBB - and I'm not going to go to court about this - a contract is a legally binding agreement, even if made online.

Calling off a bet would require both parties to agree to call it off.
Sorry, Xarog. You made the bet, you agreed to the terms: you face the consequences.

Eventually, Xarog tried to chicken out, having seen that there was no way his absurd claims could be proven true. However, being dishonest, he blamed third parties, who have no part in the agreement made between (and ONLY between) himself and I:

Yeah, but we both know that's not what's happening. The reason this is even being discussed is because people who did not bet anything are trying to score internet points while ignoring the actual substance of my posts. FSCK that schit. And if people are going to go ahead and call me dishonest because of it, that's fine, I can prove them wrong.

Edit: And actually, threatening to call the mods in on this is the last straw. I'm out, bet's off.
So Xarog tried to weasel out of bet that he proposed, the terms to which he agreed, and that he was confident that he would win, roughly around the time that he saw it was unwinnable, and then tried to blame third parties for his decision.

Well, Xarog, you don't get to leave a bet unless both parties agree. I do not agree.

What have you got to show us? (...aside from some "soul searching"?)

* Note: for those who do not know who or what Qanon is, rest assured, you are better off not knowing. Don't waste valuable neurons on it.


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Feb 26, 2016
On a point of law. A wager creates a natural obligation, but not a legal one.

So the bet is valid but unenforceable.


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Nov 9, 2015
Taking schit way too seriously.

Scud why the vendetta?
Vendetta? Today is the day to have some fun with Xarog for all the qanon conspiracy BS he spewed out. Tomorrow it will be forgotten and we can move on. Let scud have his fun, you're taking schit way too seriously.


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Sep 28, 2008
This is a terrible way to ask someone out on a date. Scudzy, just ask him out, you two will make a cute couple.


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Aug 4, 2008
Xarog was the one who suggested the bet in the first place... Doh!
Sounds like he was trolling. Isn't that thread really a TK of politics these days? Do any of you read through all the walls of text, watch the videos and mountains of responses that get posted there?
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