Xbox One - use free digital download or buy game


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Aug 7, 2012
My son's 360 S died and we got a good deal on an Xbox One with three 'Free' games, however those games are digital download.

My son only has a Telkom mobile data connection and it has already cost a good deal of data (money) for the Day One box update and each game install along with the 10GB + updates each needed.

We would like to try one of the three 'Free' games that were included in the Xbox deal, but the Kinect Sports Rival download is around 20GB - would it be cheaper to buy the game in a local shop, compared to the cost of the mobile data which would be around R500.
If we bought the Kinect Sports Rival on disk, would it also need a big update, and likewise if we used the free download, would it also need a big update?


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Feb 12, 2007
ok a few months ago but maybe still relevant.....

There are usually game updates and some of these tend to be quite large.

Do you not have a WISP in your area that can provide you with decent internet?

Purchase of the xbox one was my main reason in finding a wisp in my area - I have comtel with a 300gb soft cap - after 300gb they reduce the speed which is still fast enough - currently downloading Fifa17 around 42gb size.

The reason I went with a wisp is no phone lines in my area.

Anyhow if you cant or dont want to go that route then find cheaper data plans - such as cell c giga 200 for R1599 - about R8 a gb so a 20gb update is only R160