Xenon headlights .... anyone know?


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Jan 31, 2005
I'm just curious : I have an older car that I want to put Xenon headlamps. I find these lights have a much brighter, whiter light than the dull yellow of older cars!

Anyway, friends at work say I can simply buy a Xenon bulb and use that. However, I don't think so because why do car manufacturers charge R7000 for them as an option ... ?

Speaking of lights, wouldn't it be great if they made traffic lights use solar power as a backup to normal power? Listening how many lights were off due to power failures on the readio and jyst thought about it ...


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Feb 28, 2005
Xenon to brite up your spark

Reason why they cost so much is that those cars have a stepup voltage convertor.Realistically xenon is a gas so the lights has to operate on 25000 volts from the car to be really effective.The whole light is filled with this gas.

Your bulbs you want to buy does only have a small amount of xenon gas in them.They will be bright but not as bright as eg...merc or audi./bmw 530 ;)