Aug 25, 2003
We currently use a managed server from Xneelo for all our websites and web-based applications. The problem we're having is that Xneelo does not support the proper/correct way of deploying a Laravel application by changing the web document root to serve the Laravel public folder. They did however provide us with a "hack" to install the application into our FTP user root folder and rename some Laravel files. This is not a solution as it will break with the next Laravel update, we also use git as version control and this approach would require us to change our local development environment. We managed to get the Laravel applications working using two .htaccess files but it's not without issues.
See the Laravel documentation here

I will stop rambling and get to the point(s)
  1. Does anybody have experience with deploying Laravel on Xneelo servers?
  2. Is there any other hosting providers that support Laravel out of the box?
Thank you for taking the time to read my boring post and reply :)
Hi Cyanide, we have customers who host with us on laravel, happy to give you a 1 month free trial account to give it a test drive, please drop us a pm with your space requirements