Youtube must see vids part 2


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Nov 15, 2005
The LC-130 has a similar take-off capability and was at at the 2018 AAD which most of the people ignored in favour of the C-17 even though it was the more interesting aircraft.



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Aug 25, 2014
Not to be insensitve but would this person not be better off if he had not survived?
Thing is, that's all he knows. Would he truly understand how others perceive him? I don't know to what extent.

I mean he has an understanding of it, obviously, otherwise he wouldn't have mentioned he was / is worried that he
might have been abandoned. But... again, he is a functional (but definitely scarred) mind in a semi-functional heavily scarred body.

It's probably idiotic of me to think this, but I wish we were at the medical tech level where his body could be restored to him in full. Granted it is to make it easier on the people around him almost (if not more) than it would
be for him, and thinking this probably opens the door to so many other issues regarding the social construct of beauty and the shallow consideration of changing a human being who might not want to be changed really.