Zimbabwe Torture Camps and Civil War


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Sep 23, 2003
Mugabe pledges to fight 'lackeys'
President Robert Mugabe has vowed that the main opposition party will never lead Zimbabwe and said he was prepared to "go to war" for his country.

Was noticing that UK TV news has been covering the upcoming 'elections' in 10 days -
and to quote from Channel 4 news:

"A network of torture camps, multiple identities for the Military to vote, exclusive evidence tonight from a Zimbabwean Security Officer. Zimbabwe votes in just 10 days time. Tonight the U.N. is warning of both Civil War and mass exodus."

I was kind of wondering what SA media is covering, given that if civil war and/or genocide starts erupting in Zimbabwe, its obviously going to spread very rapidly into SA itself, given the huge numbers of Zimbabweans already in SA - and the hundreds of thousands who'll head towards SA and supposed safety.

Do folks in SA still live in some cloud cuckoo land that thinks Rwanda-style genocide unfolding in the country next door, is going to have no effect on SA?

UN Envoy in Zimbabwe:

Read "A glimpse of Mugabe terror"

some Zimbabwe Secret Documents uncovered by the BBC

Maybe its good that Zimbabwe erupts in mass genocide and warfare, and Mugabe's secret police start trying to kill opposition members in SA, and MDC supporters fight back, and the civil war comes real close, so that a little fear can trickle down South...

SA people seem to have been reduced to being scared loudmouths, sitting 'bravely' typing behind high walls... Some serious smoke on the horizon might be just the thing needed to make SA pull finger, in one way or another.
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Oct 1, 2005

What the hell must normal educated South Africans do? Hold a million man march against Zimbabwe? The government and the people who put them there are the only ones that can do anything and they won't. And "typing safely behind high walls", rich coming from someone sitting in the US. :rolleyes:

NB: I normally like your posts and logic, but if you are going to be a retard I'll call you on it.


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Aug 17, 2007
I agree somewhat with supersunbird. It is easy to want a war when you are on the other side of the globe, we are the ones that will be caught in the middle of the gunfire and suffer the consequences.


Jan 24, 2007
They won't run out of whiskey, Bob's just back from Europe with a fresh supply.
Gotta love those UN summits. Sleep in AND free whiskey courtesy of Chavez. Its a tough life being a dictator.


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Apr 7, 2008
Its still a bit disconcerting that the European media has these stories running.

I fear that they lump SA with Southern Africa. Since Botswana is not in the news (no news is good news), we are directly associated with Zim. This can only hurt all of us in the short/medium term.

That been said, I feel even more for the MDC and their supporters.

Where the hell is the UN, oh yeah, SA and Russia are blocking any resolutions in the security council. (what crisis....):confused: