Zindzi Mandela racist tweet


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Jun 25, 2010
Fokken Europe :ROFL:
She isn’t representative of Europe or Denmark and I see that Afrika Kontakt has connections with the Mandela Foundation. I guess Zindzi Mandela has a lot of friends in that particular group of organisations.


We are a member-based organization with over 500 individual members and many collective members (such as trade unions) that represent more than 1.5 million people.

Our secretariat has 4 employees that are supported by approximately 175 volunteers who work on partnership projects in the Global South. We currently have 11 projects. The volunteers are involved in working groups.

See all working groups here:



Current working groups

Current working groups in AK

South Africa Group
- Current project: CISU - Workers not Slaves – 499.704 DKK
- Strengthening union and working conditions of South African agricultural workers and their community
- Partner(s): TCOE and CSAAWU (Union)
- Strategic focus(es) according to AK strategy: Power & democracy, resource grabbing, and global trade structures

Development for Whom? Campaign Group
- Current project: CISU – Southern African Right 2 Say No Campaign – 498.032 DKK
- Campaign group working on highlighting the skewed discourse of developmental work and investments, both in a Danish context and in the Global South.
- The subgroup Right 2 Say No focuses specifically on extractivism and transnational corporations – R2SN partners with: AIDC and TCOE in South Africa
- Strategic focus(es) according to AK strategy: Power & democracy, resource grabbing, global trade structures, climate justice
We also cover themes such as trade policies, privatization of water, land-grabbing and Apartheid.

Our history
Global Aktion was founded in 1978 by a number of Danish political parties, trade unions and other organizations in order to unite the efforts against colonialism and suppression in Southern Africa. Following the liberation of Angola, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, our work increasingly broadened in focus to include the fight against apartheid in South Africa and Namibia. For many years, Afrika Kontakt worked for an economic and cultural boycott of the white apartheid regime in South Africa.

The Danish Prime Minister and Global Aktion's Morten Nielsen were the only two Danes to be invited to Nelson Mandela's inauguration. Watch a film about Afrika Kontakt's role in ending apartheid here.

With the end of apartheid, we started supporting democratic and people-drive movements in the rest of Africa and have since applied a rights-based approach and work with social and economic rights.

John Tempus

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Aug 8, 2017
Aww these cute europeans trying to remain relevant by supporting stupid ideas.I guess this is part of the fast track to turn europe into Somalia 2.0 as quickly as possible. Its like they hang on to stupid ideas these days and throw away all the good ideas because derp derp equality derp derp.

Btw Ann Langwadt let me educate you. Racism as you like to use it today is just a new word that existed since the beginning of humanity which was always referred to as tribalism.

Tribalism will never go away but you can try and force it. Tribalism will always favor the ones closes to you either in your family or circle of friends over the rest of a population however today people like you selectively choose to ignore these facts.

p.s The Vikings are crying looking down from Valhalla at your stupidity.