Zuma must pay R63.9 million in tax for Nkandla: DA

Just like corruption, fringe benefit tax is a western concept..
@the OP

I trust that will be in addition to the other amount he has been ordered to pay.
awaiting posts from JZ on the efiling thread on how to minimise loss :D
how many times could they have compensated land owners over and over again with the money government officials have wasted, regarding land redistribution or claims or "taking back the land", or what ever BS voting harp they like playing.
LOL I want what the DA is smoking if they think he will pay anything back
The point is he hopefully won't/can't so they can get rid of him properly.

Why would you get rid of Zuma so soon? Getting rid of him now or before the next general elections will just supply the current ruling party with more fire power and people with vote for them again with confidence. The current party need to be cleaned first and no better way to achieve this than loosing a lot of support in the next general elections.