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Just had a look at your post in the Wanted section.

I saw that you are wanting to practice calisthenics, why not simply purchase a Weight Belt?
Hey mate, I'm a hard gainer. I struggle to build muscle or gain weight while working out, so I would love to get some dumbbells specifically, specially for doing some workouts I love (tricep presses, for one). It'll also make easier to build some leg muscle with dumbbell squats and so on. I'm planning a belt I can then simply chain some weights to if I want to do weighted dips/pullups/etc.
Hi groen_mamba

Please provide us with the following information:

1. Contact Number
2. Address
3. Fibre Line
4. ID Number (This is if you are not familiar with the number associated to your fibre line).

I was approved homelaon with Fnb , signed all documents paid all the fees and the deposit , I asked the bond lawyers when are they lodging bcz I wanted apparently deeds office closes on the 20th , they telling thy wait for Fnb to authorize the lodging ! How long exactly it takes the bank to authorize the lodging ? Hoping for it to be registered this year !
What did FNB say when you asked them this question?
Having a headache with a Telkom top-up contract,no coverage even with mobile data switched on,when I try roaming it say I'll incur xorbitant charges....help n brother.