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Epson L565 ITS (Ink Tank System) 4-in-1 Multifunction Wi-Fi Printer

The one machine for all your office needs. Print from multipal devices its wi-fi able
no more running around for cartridges print up to 7000 pages
is there any move with the JIMC backlog?
I have an item that arrived in south africa in may 24 and not deliverred yet.
What can i do?
Hi my sim card nolonger recieve any text i called vodacom they gave me a center number but still i cannot recieve any sms'es please help
Call 111. Speak to a consultant.
Government can’t give to anybody what govt did not first take from someone else, & govt can’t multiply wealth by dividing it. Let us increase wealth by teaching & popularizing the value of hardwork & high productivity. Working hard is always better than laziness & “mahala” stuff.