Outsource to beat download blues

A local businessman says he is hoping to take advantage of the “frustrating” telecoms infrastructure by offering to download files and documents from the Internet for users.

The service will cost R35 per 600MB CD, says Download4u.net owner Chris Demetrios.

“Each CD can contain any number of files or programs, provided they are larger than 4MB, from my existing database of over 1 200 items, or they can choose a ‘custom request’ at no extra cost. We will then post it to them wherever they are in the country.”

Demetrios says he is expanding his “demo games” collection and will then focus on small business data kits. “I do already have Open Office and Easy Office – a freeware operating system – but I will be looking to add quite a few more in the future.”

“Stinky” local infrastructure

Demetrios believes there is a real need for such a service because of the poor state of the local telecoms infrastructure.

“Let’s be honest, local infrastructure stinks. The costs are very high, especially the broadband offerings.”

Downloading from landlines is a frustrating and time-intensive exercise, and there is no guarantee that the file will work, he adds. “Users can waste a lot of time and money downloading files, and then they turn out to be corrupt. We check all files before posting, so that risk is eliminated.”

Demetrios says there are some content download areas the company will avoid. “We will not do porn or pirated software. We also want nothing to do with copyrighted material – we are charging R35 a CD, and we could end ourselves with a R100 000 lawsuit – it just makes no sense.”

Postage and packaging will cost R15 for the first three CDs, after which an extra charge of R15 will be accrued per three CDs added. The company will pay for any CDs that do not arrive at their destination, adds Demetrios.

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Outsource to beat download blues