Acer adds embedded 3G wireless capability to its notebook range

Acer adds integrated 3G wireless wide area network capability to its TravelMate and Aspire notebooks.

This move aims to provide both business and home users with high-speed online access for greater flexibility and enhanced mobile efficiency.

The TravelMate 4260 and Aspire 5650 series are among the first notebooks to feature embedded 3G or third-generation wireless technology.

The TravelMate 4260 and Aspire 5650 will offer full WWAN connectivity through three-band GPRS/EDGE capability at 900/1800/1900 MHz and at 2100 MHz through integrated 3G Wideband CDMA (Code-Division Multiple Access), a Universal Mobile Telecommunication Service (UMTS) wireless technology that increases data transmission rates in GSM systems.

As mobile technology is under constant development, the integrated 3G capability of the TravelMate and Aspire notebooks is also upgradeable to the next-generation HSDPA standard. HSDPA is a migration technology for the UMTS wireless standard used by leading wireless operators across Europe, Japan, North America and Africa to deliver voice and data services.

HSDPA boosts network capacity to carry up to five times as much data traffic and up to twice as many wireless users per cell site compared to today’s UMTS networks.

The decision to integrate the recently adopted global third generation (3G) wireless standards into the TravelMate and Aspire range of notebooks underlines Acer’s commitment to offer business professionals and home users alike with the most flexible and most convenient wireless solutions to enhance productivity and communication on the move. As 3G networks are deployed globally, high-speed communication is easily and securely accessible everywhere within network range.

“The introduction of UMTS communications capability in mobile devices signals a shift from simple communication-centric applications to multimedia-oriented applications like voice, data, fax and entertainment services” says Gianfranco Lanci, President Acer Inc.

“The integration of this cutting-edge technology into our growing range of notebooks underlines our commitment to developing cutting-edge mobile solutions and is a yet another natural step forwards towards our goal of breaking down the barriers between people and technology”. He said.

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Acer adds embedded 3G wireless capability to its notebook range