Vodacom to add 079 Number Range

It is neccesary for Vodacom to add an additional number range to the current number ranges, including 082, 072 and 076, to make room for its growing family of subscribers who are joining the interactive world of cellular communication.

As from 1 March 2006, Vodacom will officially add the 079 number range to its network, making sure that there is sufficient capacity for future growth.

“The 079 number range enables Vodacom to accommodate its fast growing customer base in South Africa,” says Shameel Joosub, Managing Director of Vodacom South Africa.

“We estimate the number of cellphone users to grow to 40-million within the next few years and Vodacom is committed to enabling every potential customer on our network with the addition of this new number range.”

The 079 number range will be available to all Vodacom customers, including Contract, Top Up and Prepaid.

“Customers with 079 prefixes will enjoy the same services and benefits as our existing customers with 082, 072 and 076 numbers,” Mr. Joosub emphasised.

Vodacom has enjoyed the successful integration of the 076 number range, alongside the existing 082, 072 and 076 Vodacom numbers ranges which have been efficiently allocated to Vodacom customers.

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Vodacom to add 079 Number Range