Polka launches ADSL offering

Polka, the well known MWeb affiliate that became famous for their R 75-00 dial-up accounts, has launched an ADSL offering.

Polka has three basic ADSL products, namely a 1 Gig, 2 Gig and 3 Gig account. These accounts are priced at R 135-00 for 1 GB, R 195-00 for 2 GB and R 265-00 for 3 GB.

These offerings are cheaper than MWeb’s current rates of R 145-00 (1 GB), R 219-00 (2 GB) and R 299-00 (3GB) accounts, competing favourably with TelkomInternet’s current offerings.

But when compared to the broader ISP landscape Polka is far from the cheapest. Whilst these prices are lower than MWeb they are however not as low as the offerings from low-cost ADSL ISP’s. Many of the smaller ISP’s provide 3 GB accounts for below R 200-00 per month and per-Gig billing starting from as low as R 65-00 per Gig.

Polka said that their main aim with this offering is to serve their existing dial-up customers who are migrating to ADSL. Previously Polka was losing customers who were opting for broadband to competing ISP’s. According to Polka the addition of ADSL to their product line-up is a sensible move to retain customers.

Polka have been quick to state that they see themselves as playing in a different market to MWeb, offering more affordable services without unnecessary add-ons.

While the Polka website focuses on the current DSL 192 and DSL 384 offerings, Polka said that DSL 512 and DSL 1024 customers will also be able to purchase their new service through them.

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Polka launches ADSL offering