Withdrawals from ICASA Hearings

Vodacom, the SNO and Sentech have withdrawn from the ICASA ADSL hearings.

It is surprising that these players have decided to not participate since the regulations will most definitely influence their future broadband plans.

The reason why these stakeholders are no longer presenting was not provided.

ICASA will look at the information set before them during these hearings and from the presentations and evidence provided decide what regulations need to be put in place.

Perhaps the most interesting withdrawal is the SNO who is expected to directly play in the ADSL arena and it being touted as the cure-all for South Africa’s lack of competition in the fixed line arena.

Apparently these players have either decided that they do not wish to anger Telkom, who they all have to negotiate deals with for international bandwidth, or they do not feel the hearing is worth attending.

Whatever the reasons for their withdrawal members of the public who are attending today will be sorely disappointed with the late withdrawals of these stakeholders.

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Withdrawals from ICASA Hearings