Internet movie provides thrills

ITALIAN tyre manufacturer Pirelli has entered the world of cinema with a new project, Pirellifilm, a communication tool that intends to launch high-quality short films through several channels.

Pirelli has chosen the internet as the main channel for these films. The first film, The Call, was previewed at Nelson Mandela Square on May 30 as part of the Italian Festival, and an exhibition of Italian technology and products.

Daniele Carta, marketing manager for Pirelli tyre, says communication strategies are moving back to the web due to higher speed connections. It is viewed as a less invasive form of communication that allows the South African public to choose the media and movies they want to interact with in their own time.

Carta says that the South African market represents one of the fastest-growing internet communities on the globe, with a fairly high computer literacy rate. Even people without computers or connections can access sites of interest through community services or internet cafés, she says.

“The medium allows freedom of topics, thanks to selective viewing and a choice of the level of interaction with the product or brand.”

She says the protagonists in the films will be stars of stage and screen who will interpret the Pirelli slogan — power is nothing without control — in a different way each year. The project intends to support the Pirelli image and positioning and to maintain brand leadership, Carta says.

“The internet, with its endless possibilities, has evolved to become an entertainment channel and, in our case, also a movie theatre.”

The Call is a thriller with a dark Gothic feel about the eternal battle between good and evil. It stars John Malkovich and Naomi Campbell and was directed by Antoine Foquà, says Carta.

Before the filming began the final script was shown to Father John, the Vatican liaison for relations with the movie industry. Father John helped to develop the idea, she says.

Malkovich asked to meet Father John in order to interpret the role better, and he made several suggestions for parts of the dialogue and the liturgy that made the film even more realistic, she says.

The film was shot in Rome at the Santo Spirito Hospital and in an old abandoned industrial warehouse, says Carta.

Most of the filming, which took a week, was done at night, while the post-production phase took three months to complete in studios in Hollywood, she says.

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Internet movie provides thrills