Nigerian gets 3 years for internet scam

A Nigerian man was jailed for three years for cheating a Singaporean businessman who fell for his multi-million dollar Internet scam, court officials said on Tuesday.

Ronald Emmanuel Emeka, 30, promised in April to give businessman Ng Yong Ngee a 30% share of a non-existent $8.5 million commission for helping to transfer funds from a finance company in Britain.

In return, Ng would first have to come up with almost $31,000 to help pay for the banking fees to transfer the funds to Singapore.

Ng suspected something was amiss when payment of his commission was delayed repeatedly and made a police report about the scam.

Many Singaporeans have been duped by Internet scams promising huge commissions in return for helping to transfer a purported sum of money from one country to another.

Last year, five Singaporeans lost up to $188,680 after falling for similar e-mail scams, the Straits Times reported on Tuesday.


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Nigerian gets 3 years for internet scam