DoC Secures iWeek Sponsorship

The Department of Communications (DoC) has secured a platinum sponsorship for iWeek 2006 conference held by the Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) and UniForum SA.

The conference will take place at the Castle in Kyalami from 4 – 7 September 2006.

The investment in the gathering will enable the DoC to outline official communications policy and direction to local and international stakeholders.

“iWeek not only allows the department to explain policy, but the sidelines of iWeek and the conference itself provide useful sounding boards for both the department and the Internet industry,” said Deputy Minister of Communications Roy Padayachie.

Mr Padayachie added: “Spirited debates around regulatory issues are certain to be a central feature of iWeek 2006. The department is looking forward to opportunities to express its opinions while listening to the concerns that people have.”

MTN Network Solutions has expressed its support for local Internet development by coming on board as an iWeek gold sponsor.

The themes for the different sessions include such topical issues as: "The Internet in South Africa: The Last 10 Years & the Next 10 Years", "The Wireless Internet Boom, VoIP & Spam", "Regulatory Development: Who is Watching What?", and finally "Interception, Data Retention and Content".

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DoC Secures iWeek Sponsorship