Google provides free broadband access

Google has launched free high speed Internet in its hometown of Mountain View, California. This free wireless Internet access is available to all residents, businesses and even visitors.

“Google launched a WiFi network in our hometown of Mountain View. Radios hanging on lampposts throughout the city are now broadcasting a "GoogleWiFi" wireless (802.11b/g) signal that brings wireless Internet access to the city’s residents, businesses, and visitors,” the official Google blog said.

Any user with a WiFi enabled device like a laptop or PDA can connect to the free GoogleWiFi network and sign into Google for a free account.

“It has been has been tremendously rewarding to partner with the local government, the schools, the library, the neighborhood associations, and all of our trusted testers to introduce the power of free, wireless Internet connectivity to the city,” a Google Manager said.

Google also aims to promote technologies like WiFi for Internet access delivery through this project.

“Another goal of this network is to promote alternative access technologies by using Mountain View as an example for organizations considering investments in the WiFi arena,” the Google Blog reported.

A map of Google’s Mountain View coverage is available online:

Google believes that its WiFi network’s performance will be good enough to convince many current DSL subscribers to stop paying for these fixed-line connections and utilize Google’s free offering.

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Google provides free broadband access