4 Mbps ADSL here!

Many Telkom DSL1024 customers have reported that their service has been upgraded, and that they are experiencing speeds of up to 4 Mbps.

ADSL 1024 subscribers started posting late yesterday on the MyADSL forums that they are getting speeds of up to 425KB/s – or 3400 kbps -, sound evidence that some lines have been upgraded to 4 Mbps.

All Telkom DSL1024 customers’ line synchronization speeds have already been upgraded to 4 Mbps, but not all only some have had their full service upgraded.


MyADSL did some very basic tests on the new 4 Mbps service, and the results look promising when using local servers.

Telkom’s local speed test gave an impressive download speed of 4210.5 Kbps – or 516 kBytes/sec. This speed test is however hosted on the SAIX network which means this test will provide optimum speeds.

When testing the service on the Verizon Business based iBurst speed test, a downlink speed of 3.27 Mbps and an upload speed of 325 kbps were measured.

Internationally based speed test results were less impressive.

Speedtest.net’s London based test measured the downlink speed as 490 Kbps and an upload speed of 295 Kbps. SpeakEasy’s New York based test gave a downlink speed of 582 Kbps and an uplink measurement of 308 Kbps.

Using a download manger to download files from the US gave better results, with download speeds in excess of 1 Mbps.

Comprehensive testing of this new 4 Mbps ADSL offering will form part of the soon to be conducted MyADSL Broadband Testing next week, and these results will paint a clearer picture of the service’s true ability.

New Services

Telkom’s launch of the new 4 Mbps ADSL service is partly in preparation for bandwidth intensive services like video-on-demand.

Telkom has recently created Telkom Media (Pty) Ltd, a private company with a 41.5% Black Economic Empowerment shareholding. On Thursday they applied to ICASA for a commercial satellite and cable subscription broadcast license.

These higher speeds are very welcome, but with a limited 3Gig cap many users are skeptical about how long they will be able to stay online with the faster service.

The majority of ADSL subscribers welcomed Telkom’s decision to upgrade all DSL1024 subscribers to a 4 Mbps service, and many hope that this is the start of many more positive developments from the incumbent.

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4 Mbps ADSL here!