How can a start-up ISP survive?

South Africa’s ISP (Internet Service Provider) market is particularly tough since the country is still lumbered with a monopoly incumbent operator.

But the good news is that the industry is still as exciting and dynamic as when Mark Todes and David Frankel, two of the pioneers behind the launch of ISPA, started out.

“The industry is still as exciting as when we started,” said Todes.

The advice that Frankel gave to start-up ISPs wishing to crack the market was to push the envelope.

“It is tough to compete with the big guys on their own territory, you need to find innovative ways to enter the industry. ISPs need to push the envelope,” said Frankel.

Todes added that opportunities abound for new entrants to the market.

“Opportunities for creating good businesses still abound, as new technology comes on board there are new opportunities. ISPs need to find right balance of levels of service and gaining market share,’ said Todes.

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How can a start-up ISP survive?