14 Mbps 3G Mobile Phones on the Way

A mobile phone conformance test case required for approvals testing of 3G enabled mobile phones supporting the HSDPA standard for 14 Mbps downloads has been submitted by Aeroflex for approval.

Previously the lack of availability of approvals test cases have slowed down the introduction of new handsets but this is set to change if the conformance test case is approved.

The test case is the first HSDPA handset approvals test routine to be considered by 3GPP RAN5 standards group which oversees 3G interoperability testing. Should the 3GPP give their approval the test case will become mandatory.

Phil Medd, product manager at Aeroflex said: “The first submission to the 3GPP is always the most important as it sets the benchmark for evaluation on which the industry as a whole is asked to comment.”

Roll-out for high speed data communication services using 3.5G HSDPA is expected in the latter part of 2005.

Base station test routines already exist with operators preparing to launch these services. On the manufacturing line chipset and mobile phone manufacturers are developing and verifying operations of HSDPA-compatible UMTS mobile phones which will require approvals testing with the test case.

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14 Mbps 3G Mobile Phones on the Way