Free Internet Access through WiFi Network

Users can now enjoy free basic Internet access through the recently opened Neology MetroFi network.

Neology , in a proof of concept development in Tshwane, has made basic Internet access available free of charge to users in their current WiFi coverage areas.

While this basic Internet access only allows for web-surfing, email and related services, and users have to share a limited bandwidth pool, it is an exciting development in the quest to provide low cost access.

Residents or visitors in the current coverage areas in the Tshwane area can access this service by registering for free on the Neology/MetroFi website ( ).

Neology currently has in excess of 150 Internet users on their open access WiFi network, and is positive about future developments.

Neology’s new Tshwane open access network will allow ISPs to provide Internet and related telecoms services to end users without having to concern themselves with network maintenance or the physical infrastructure.

Neology has coverage in various Tshwane suburbs, including Hatfield, Centurion, Mountainview, Daspoort, Daspoort Estate, Hermanstad, Pretoria Gardens, Claremont, Parktown Estate, Pretoria North, Wolmer, Dorandia, Tileba, Florauna, Theresapark, Annlin, Wonderboom North and Soshanguve.

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Free Internet Access through WiFi Network