iBurst to upgrade to 2 Mbps in near future

iBurst’s next big step to remain competitive in the wireless broadband space will involve a speed upgrade to 2 Mbps.

The fixed wireless provider it not sitting on its laurels whilst the cellular companies surge ahead but have plans to upgrade the speed offerings on their network.

Antony McKechnie, head of product development at iBurst, said that they are busy testing this service and once iBurst is ready they will upgrade the base stations to 135 Mbps.

McKechnie added that iBurst is very careful in their planning to manage customer expectations so it seems that they will wait until the system has been fully tested before launching.

6 Mbps the next step

The next speed upgrade for iBurst after this phase is to 6Mbps which he said is planned in the not so distant future.

McKechnie added that he hopes that by the time a 6 Mbps service is ready for launch that the price for international bandwidth would have come down enough to make this service economically viable.

The long term plan for iBurst, and the theoretical maximum, is for the service to operate at 16 Mpbs but he stated that they “still have a long way to go in terms of hardware and processing capabilities before this is possible.”

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iBurst to upgrade to 2 Mbps in near future