MXit grows to 2.3 million users

MXit, a free mobile messaging platform, has grown to 2.3 million users is just under 2 years.

This relatively new communication method is growing at a tremendous pace with a six-fold increase in the past 10 months.

In January 2006 there were 360 038 MXit users which by the 20th of November this year has grown to 2.3 million. This number continues to increase at a rate of around 10 000 new subscribers per day.

Darry Foster, general manager of MXit, is quick to point out the great potential of this platform for advertisers.

"With numbers like this, the MXit phenomenon is an ideal opportunity for advertisers to expose their brands to a captive audience in an uncluttered environment," says Foster.

But it seems that it is really still only an ideal opportunity for advertisers wanting to capture a young market with 12-18 years old being the dominant age group accounting for 44% of the MXit user base.

Foster has indicated that the older generation are starting to show an interest but the golden boys with the money, the 25+ age group are still not close to being dominant on MXit, accounting for 20% of their user base.

The 19-25 age group accounts for 33% of users with subscribers under 12 years old at 3%.

"But don’t let these numbers fool you," says Foster. "With MXit’s users being as old as 70, the popularity of the instant messaging chat service is creeping into the lives of adults as well."

When it comes to a provincial breakdown, Gauteng make up 28.58% of the MXit population, followed by the Western Cape with 26,73% and KwaZulu-Natal at 22.14%.

More males have registered on MXit, making up 58% of the population, with females making up 42% of the population.

"MXit has devised a code of safe practice. A safety message about not giving out personal details is provided whenever any user enters a chat room. Users can also report any problems to us through the abuse section of our
forum," says Foster.

MXit is most definitely a trend worth watching especially if you’re looking to attract the attention of the younger generation who have taken to this new communication method like wildfire.

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MXit grows to 2.3 million users