iBurst reneges on online support promises

iBurst recently boldly announced that it has launched an integrated blogging system in “an effort to put a human face to customer care” to enable them to directly interact with customers. It has proven to be a dismal failure.

Currently the blog
, written by iBurst’s head of customer care Ed Hall, consists of one article and 127 comments. Browsing through the comments page is enough to send shivers down any customer care manager’s spine.

Ed Hall’s last response to queries and complaints was nearly a week ago, and comments like “Has anyone tried sending Ed an eMail?? Well I did and it was rejected!!”, “I don’t think Ed exists!!” and “The end of the straw?” are some of the gripes on iBurst’s blog.

Even a massive list of pornographic website URL’s posted by a spammer have been left untouched by iBurst for nearly a week.

This is certainly not what iBurst intended when it launched this system, and one wonders if it was only a publicity stunt which they now want to quietly sweep under the carpet?

In Hall’s own words: “The buck stops with me. I am confident enough in the abilities of our customer care team to acknowledge this in a public forum.” These bold words are now coming back to haunt him.

iBurst has been invited on numerous occasions to join the MyADSL broadband forums to assist customers in a neutral environment, something that has been done with great success by both Vodacom and MTN.

Unfortunately iBurst only shows up sporadically in the iBurst forum on MyADSL despite the fact that is a great avenue for them to address customer concerns and interact with their subscribers.

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** Please note that the iBurst support blog has been changed since the publication of this article and the 130 comments from subscribers removed. 
Most of these comments remained unanswered.

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iBurst reneges on online support promises