Synaq invests in enhanced anti-spam technology

Synaq, a managed Linux services provider and Open Source specialist, says that it has upgraded its PinPoint Securemail servers to include Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enhanced anti-spam technology. Customers are now guarded against modern picture-embedded methodology used by spammers.

Yossi Hasson, marketing and sales director at Synaq, says the company has already integrated the technology into its PinPoint Securemail solution, and this offers its customers another facet of protection against the surge of spam.
Globally there has been an increase in spam targeting mail servers that are able to bypass anti-spam solutions by having a graphic or picture embedded in the mail, he adds.
"Most ant-spam solutions are designed to pick up and quarantine e-mails containing specific key words. Spammers have started incorporating aggressive new tactics to curb corporate e-mail security solutions by embedding an image containing the actual spam within the e-mail.

"Images, by default, cannot be ‘scanned’ using standard filtering techniques, and, therefore, spammers have experienced a large degree of success by incorporating this method. This is exactly why we have developed and introduced OCR within our filtering engines," says Hasson.
OCR was developed using various Open Source components. Synaq decided to also custom develop the solution to integrate seamlessly with its PinPoint e-mail solution. The result is technology that ensures that images are ‘read’ and categorised by the system.

"All spam messages are automatically given a hashcode and placed into a database. The solution will then perform a check of all mail against this database to ensure that it does not contain any of the registered hashcodes. It is an effective means of protection and spam filtering, especially given the fact that up to thirty percent of all spam messages contain an embedded image," Hasson explains.
The company is confident of the reliability of the technology it has integrated into its solution and provided to its client as an upgraded managed service. So much so, says Hasson, that Synaq is running a competition during the month of December, whereby anyone investing in the solution on a 30-day free trial basis can win an i-Pod Nano.


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Synaq invests in enhanced anti-spam technology