Telkom explains slow ADSL speeds

Many ADSL subscribers have been experiencing slow speeds over the past few days. Telkom explains.

Very slow speeds on their ADSL service were reported by subscribers from across the country. Many users felt that not enough bandwidth is allocated to the growing ADSL subscriber base, and wondered if there were any network related problems causing the slow speeds.

Telkom said that it doubts that any network related problems were to blame for the slow speeds, but that the ‘end of month peak’ was most likely the culprit.

“Telkom’s investigations did not reveal any significant failures in our network that could explain the slow response experienced. We did however increase the international bandwidth temporarily to address the end of month peak, which is a normal monthly occurrence,” Telkom said.

“We suspect that the slow response is related to the sudden increase in demand for international bandwidth as customers attempt to utilize their monthly cap optimally. Telkom will continue to monitor the situation and address bottlenecks as they occur,” Telkom concluded.


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Telkom explains slow ADSL speeds