Vodacom looking at WiMax and WiFi services

At the recent 3GSM World Congress the complimentary use of technologies like WiFi and WiMax made headlines. Locally Vodacom is already looking at making the most of new developments in this field.

New WiFi enabled handsets open up a whole new world of possibilities in the mobile arena with two such examples being cheap WiFi-based VoIP phone calls and true quadruple play services.

Mobile providers like Vodacom, MTN and CellC are continually looking at expanding their product ranges, and complimentary wireless technologies like WiMax and WiFi can make it possible for these companies to spread their wings.

Vodacom’s recent investment in WBS (better known as iBurst), which is one of only four companies with WiMax spectrum, gives a clear indication of Vodacom’s intention to dabble in this sphere.

“Vodacom’s recent investment in Wireless Business Solutions (WBS) and GMobile will enable Vodacom to expand our product offering to our customers,” the mobile provider said.

WiMax and WiFi can open the door to a whole range of new services offered by the mobile providers, and Vodacom are seriously looking at utilizing these technologies in future.

“Different technologies will be offered to Vodacom customers to meet their specific requirements. This will include WiFi and WiMax services, which will run parallel to Vodacom’s current 3G HSDPA services,” Vodacom concluded.

So while many consumers are looking at Telkom and Neotel to launch new services using WiMax, do not be surprised if Vodacom shows up with a better offer.

The mobile giant has shown that it is not scared to be an early adopter of technologies like HSDPA, and with their experience in the wireless environment and adequate spectrum through iBurst, it may just be Vodacom is first with innovative new wireless offerings.


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Vodacom looking at WiMax and WiFi services