iBurst clarifies data bonus offer

iBurst has confirmed that their month to month customers will not receive extra bandwidth in their ‘Data Bonus’ offerings.

Earlier this week iBurst responded to Sentech and MTN’s price reductions with an announcement that users on a 12, 24 and 36 month contract will be subject to an additional bandwidth allowance on their accounts.

These allowances range between 200 MB and 500 MB per month, depending on the package.

iBurst’s prepaid customers will however not receive this additional data, something that they are not particularly happy about. Both MTN and Sentech have decided to offer their new prices and extra bandwidth to both month-to-month and contract customers making iBurst’s month-to-month subscribers feel that they are being unfairly discriminated against.

“What a joke, month to month I pay the same amount to them, so why is there no increase for me? Come on iBurst explain?” said one of their customer’s who feels short changed.

Another subscriber blasted iBurst stating: “That’s discriminatory… time to get ADSL and vote with my feet!”

iBurst has come under fire recently from consumers for an aggressive advertising campaign against what they call ‘rogue’wireless internet providers, and is again being criticized for what many believe to be a lackluster response to far more aggressive price cuts from other broadband operators.


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iBurst clarifies data bonus offer