iBurst to launch new broadband packages

iBurst is planning to launch new packages and extend their data bonuses to month-to-month subscribers.

New packages

iBurst is set to launch five new packages, ranging between 200 MB and 2500 MB per month.

The barrier to entry for iBurst will be lowered with the introduction of a new package called Play Intro offering 200 megabytes of data at R149 per month. The price inclusive of a USB or laptop modem takes the monthly subscription to R179 per month.

iBurst has further introduced a 1200 MB package for R 369-00 per month and a 1500 MB package for R 419-00 per month. All these offerings are now called ‘Play’ packages where users will be hard capped when reaching their usage limit.

iBurst will retain their soft-capped services where users are throttled after reaching their usage limits, and these services are now called ‘Pro’ packages. Here a new 2500 MB offering for R 529-00 is available to subscribers.

All customers to benefit from data bonuses

Data Bonus was made available to all iBurst 24-month contract customers from 1 March, and will now be extended to all month-to-month customers as of 1 April 2007.

This means all new and existing customers will receive an additional 500meg on ‘Play’ packages and 200meg for ‘Pro’ packages, at no additional cost.

Amidst speculation about differential pricing on VoIP and messaging programs, iBurst pointed out that they offer unrestricted VoIP usage on their network.

They further said that their focus will remain on great customer service, and that advantages like data-carryover and month-to-month contracts are two examples of their customer centric initiatives.


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iBurst to launch new broadband packages