iBurst’s VoIP prices fair locally, but better international options

iBurst recently launched their own VoIP service which competes directly with services like Skype. MyADSL takes a look at their call rates.

The international VoIP and messaging market is fiercely competitive with many operators starting to give landline calls to many international destinations away free of charge.

Local services like iCall from iBurst and Broadband Talk from MWeb compare favorably with Skype if measured against local call rates, but are far more expensive when making calls to international destinations.

iBurst’s iCall will cost users R 0-66 per minute to Australia, R 0-59 to the UK and R 0-47 to the United States. Local landline calls on this service will cost users R 0-61 per minute while mobile calls are charged at R 1-57 per minute.

MWeb’s Broadband talk is similarly priced at R 0-60 per minute to Australia, United Kingdom and the United States, while local landline calls will cost R 0-50 during peak times and R 0-43 during off-peak times. Peak-time calls to South African cellular numbers cost R1.45 per minute, and off-peak calls cost R1.09 per minute.

The table blow compares local VoIP services from iBurst and MWeb to two international services which are available to local broadband consumers.

SA Landline R 0-61 R 0-50 R 0-53 R 0-10
SA Mobile R 1-57 R 1-45 R 1-84 R 0-87
Australia R 0-66 R 0-60 R 0-16 R 0-00 (Free)
United States R 0-47 R 0-60 R 0-16 R 0-00 (Free)
United Kingdom R 0-59 R 0-60 R 0-16 R 0-00 (Free)


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iBurst’s VoIP prices fair locally, but better international options