The busiest iBurst base stations revealed

iBurst revealed its 5 busiest base stations, with the leader requiring an additional base station to alleviate the load.

Wonderboom base station is the wireless broadband provider’s busiest, out of a total of almost 150 base stations, serving 40 000 subscribers nationwide.

Following closely behind Wonderboom in terms of the number of subscribers connected to a base station are iBurst’s Northcliff, Menlo Park, Centurion and Edenvale base stations. All of them are located in the economic powerhouse of Gauteng.

“The figures for April 2007 tell a different story to what is commonly believed. One would expect areas like Sandton to convey heavy iBurst traffic but the fact is people in areas with limited ADSL access tend to consider wireless options like iBurst,” said Thami Mtshali, CEO of iBurst.

iBurst recently commissioned another base station in the Wonderboom area to streamline connectivity and prevent congestion in what has fast become the ISP’s busiest usage area.

iBurst said that the addition of the latest base station helped ensure that data bottlenecks were avoided before they had a chance to develop.

The company is also reporting its busiest month ever since launching its entry level broadband offering at R49 a month.

“Customers are clearly impressed with the ISP’s great coverage and competitive pricing as well as its delivery of high-speed mobile broadband Internet. It also helps that the modem can be delivered in less than 48 hours and set up in less than 30 minutes, so there’s no need to wait for fixed line installations,” iBurst said.


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The busiest iBurst base stations revealed