China declares cyber-porn crackdown a success

A one-month Chinese assault on online pornography has shut down nearly 5,000 websites, resulted in more than 270 arrests and recovered over 160,000 “harmful” materials, state media reported.

Deputy Minister of Public Security Zhang Xinfeng said the crackdown would continue with another month-long campaign on online pornography and obscene text messages, Xinhua news agency said in a report seen Monday.

The campaign, which began April 12, was conducted by 10 government agencies including the Ministry of Public Security.

By May 15, more than 4,800 websites or pornographic channels were closed. Of the seized materials, 90,000 were pornographic, Xinhua said.

Zhang said in the coming month law enforcement officials would work to eliminate pornographic information from online databases, networks that host mobile phone messages and other sites.

"The amount of obscene and pornographic information on the Internet has dramatically decreased since the crackdown, but pornographic material on mainland websites and sources from overseas websites have not been blocked," Zhang was quoted as saying.

He said past cases showed more than 90 per cent of obscene movies and images came from overseas websites.

Chinese authorities have become increasingly alarmed with the amount of pornography available to its roughly 140 million web users.

The Xinhua report said it was feared that porn exposure could cause "mental harm" to Chinese youths.

Despite recent crackdowns, however, cyber-sex remains widely available in China to anyone who wants to search for it.


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China declares cyber-porn crackdown a success