New daily paper makes debut

A new daily newspaper, The Times, will be delivered to the homes of 120 000 subscribers of The Sunday Times from Tuesday.

The Times’ editor Ray Hartley said on Monday: "The newspaper will navigate its busy readers through their day, ensuring that they know about key events that impact on them in a clear and simple way."

The newspaper would guide readers to an online site of photo galleries, video clips, podcasts, and blog sites and would invite them to comment online.

Its websites –,, and – also would go live on Tuesday.

Reaching the same audience

Hartley believed The Times would grow the newspaper market rather than displace the circulation of other publications.

Research had shown that most Sunday Times readers did not read a daily newspaper and would like to receive one.

"Not only do we have the numbers in terms of circulation, we know we are reaching the same audience every day," he said.

"We know who our readers are right down to their address and consumer choices.

"This opens opportunities for more interactive advertising and the chance to build much-deeper relationships with readers.

"We are no longer merely a newspaper company, but are using our strongest asset to catapult us into new media," he said.


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New daily paper makes debut