Local consumers will have to wait for iPhone

Media reports have suggested that the Apple iPhone will hit the shelves in late June, but local consumers will have to wait a bit longer to get their hand on this trendy new handset.

MTN pointed out that currently the only operator that will offer the iPhone is AT&T in the United States. “Distribution outside the USA has not yet been finalised by Apple, including the channels to be used,” MTN said.

“As such, MTN has not had the opportunity to test the device. However, MTN is in discussion with Apple to evaluate the opportunities for MTN.”

Cell C confirmed MTN’s feedback, saying that Europe and Africa will receive the devices only towards the end of the year.

“Currently, there hasn’t been any word from the Apple distributors regarding the handset. Our Ranging Team is working hard and doing its best to ensure that Cell C procures these devices on time,” said Cell C.

Virgin Mobile also said that they are still waiting for an iPhone for testing purposes, but pointed out that it “will garner interest simply because it exists and, as such, has great potential to move music phones into the mainstream.”


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Local consumers will have to wait for iPhone