Amazon founder says still ‘day one’ for e-commerce founder Jeff Bezos says he thinks it’s still “day one” for e-commerce, but if he is just starting out as a young entrepreneur he might be putting his money elsewhere.

"I think there are many exciting areas where an entrepreneur could start a business if they wanted to," said Bezos, who is chief executive of the online retail giant.

"If I were in college right now I’d be very excited about biotechnology, genetic engineering, nanotechnology," added the Princeton University graduate, who quit a job as a financial analyst to start Amazon in 1994.

But Bezos added that there were still lots of opportunities for newcomers in the online retail market which he said had much growth potential.

"It is absolutely day one for e-commerce. It’s still the very beginning. I think that’s true all over the world. There are going to be thousands of e-commerce winners," Bezos told reporters.

Bezos was in Japan for Amazon’s launch of its "Prime" service offering unlimited express shipping for a monthly fee.

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Amazon founder says still ‘day one’ for e-commerce