South African 5G prices vs The World

5G Home Internet is available from Vodacom, MTN, and Rain in South Africa.

This essentially functions as an alternative to fibre, ADSL, or fixed LTE, and promises high speeds and uncapped data.

When compared to fibre connectivity, 5G Home Internet is an alternative that can be justified financially, as it is priced similarly to fibre.

Rain’s unlimited home 5G premium product costs R999 per month and offers uncapped usage and unlimited speeds, and for this price, you are likely to be able to purchase a 50Mbps fibre connection.

MTN offers three 5G packages, with two of these being uncapped options – R1,249 per month for a 24-month contract, or R999 per month for a 36-month plan.

Vodacom offers high-data, capped 5G products that comprise the following pricing:

  • 400GB – R799
  • 600GB – R999
  • 800GB – R1,199

It is worth noting that all packages across all three providers come with a router for no additional charge.

Pricing compared globally

While these prices are comparable with fibre, many South Africans may be curious to learn how they compare globally.

Therefore, we compared South Africa’s 5G home packages to those available around the world – specifically focusing on the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

It is interesting to note that there are not many networks in these countries which have rolled out 5G packages for home use – with most focusing primarily on deals for smartphone users.

However, we came across one mobile network operator in each country which does offer 5G package for home use.

Because 5G rollout is still in its infancy, it is perhaps unsurprising that the pricing of these packages varies greatly according to country.

Of the four aforementioned countries and South Africa, the UK clearly offers the cheapest 5G home products through its Three network, which charges its customers just 29 pounds per month for uncapped 5G home connectivity.

On the other end of the pricing spectrum, it costs over $95 to get a 5G home package that allows you to consume over 120GB per month.

South Africa’s pricing is situated comfortably between these two figures.

The pricing of 5G home Internet in the US, UK, Australia, NZ, and South Africa is compared below.

5G Home Internet pricing
Country Network provider Cap Price (in own currency) Price (Converted to Rand)
United Kingdom Three Uncapped £29 R612.23
South Africa MTN 75GB + 75GB R749 R749
South Africa Vodacom 400GB R799 R799
Australia Optus Uncapped Aus $70 R809.26
US Verizon (If customer has phone contract) Uncapped $50 R812,28
New Zealand Spark Up to 60GB NZ $75 R814.05
New Zealand Spark Up to 120GB NZ $85 R922.59
South Africa Rain Uncapped R999 R999
South Africa Vodacom 600GB R999 R999
South Africa MTN Uncapped R999 R999
New Zealand Spark Over 120GB NZ $95 R1,031.13
US Verizon (If customer does not have phone contract) Uncapped $70 R1,137.19
South Africa Vodacom 800GB R1,199 R1,199
South Africa MTN Uncapped R1,249 R1,249

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South African 5G prices vs The World