Best 4G and 5G broadband deals – From 10GB to uncapped

Fixed-wireless broadband services, including fixed-LTE and 5G, are growing in popularity as speeds and usage limits rival traditional fixed-broadband access.

Although fibre coverage has rapidly grown over the last few years, only a small percentage of households in South Africa have access to fibre.

Altron Nexus CEO Mark Harris recently revealed that only 12% of households had access to ADSL and fibre in 2020.

This means that a fixed-wireless service is the only option for most residential customers looking for a fast and affordable connection.

The good news is that all mobile operators in South Africa offer fixed-LTE or 5G products.

Rain is a prominent player through its uncapped 5G services. These products offer good value-for-money in the R700 to R1,000 segment.

Price-conscious subscribers also have the option of Rain’s unlimited 4G service, priced at R479 per month.

Telkom has the biggest portfolio of fixed-LTE products, which include capped and uncapped packages.

The company also launches regular specials, which currently include a 10GB + 10GB deal for R99 per month and a 40GB + 40GB special for R199 per month.

Cell C re-entered the fixed-LTE market last year with prices ranging between R59 for 20GB and R899 for 1TB.

MTN also has a strong fixed-LTE drive using its award-winning mobile network. Its retail ISP, Supersonic, offers products ranging between 60GB and uncapped.

Vodacom, in turn, offers subscribers 4G and 5G home broadband products ranging between 200GB and 800GB per month.

Best 4G and 5G broadband deals

The table below provides an overview of the best fixed wireless deals in South Africa.

Fixed-Wireless Products in South Africa
Service Provider Service Anytime data After-hours data Monthly Price
Telkom 4G 10GB 10GB R99
Cell C 4G 15GB 15GB R149
Telkom 4G 20GB 20GB R248
Cell C 4G 25GB 25GB R179
Supersonic/MTN 4G 30GB 30GB R199
Telkom 4G 40GB 40GB R199
Cell C 4G 50GB 50GB R199
Supersonic/MTN 4G 60GB 60GB R399
Telkom 4G 60GB 60GB R399
Telkom 4G 80GB 80GB R499
Cell C 4G 100GB 100GB R389
Vodacom 4G (throttled to 10Mbps) 100GB 100GB R499
Supersonic/MTN 4G 100GB 100GB R599
Vodacom 5G 100GB 100GB R849
Telkom 4G 120GB 120GB R699
MTN 4G 150GB R349
Supersonic/MTN 4G 150GB 150GB R799
Cell C 4G 200GB 200GB R699
Vodacom 4G (throttled to 10Mbps) 200GB 200GB R799
Vodacom 5G 200GB 200GB R1,149
Vodacom 4G (throttled to 20Mbps) 300GB 300GB R999
Vodacom 5G 300GB 300GB R1,249
Vodacom 4G (throttled to 20Mbps) 400GB 400GB R1,099
Cell C 4G 1TB R899
Telkom 4G 1TB R999
MTN 4G 1TB R999
Rain 4G (throttled to 10Mbps) Unlimited Unlimited R479
Rain 5G (throttled to 30Mbps) Unlimited Unlimited R699
Telkom 4G (throttled to 10Mbps) Unlimited Unlimited R849
Supersonic 4G Unlimited Unlimited R999
Rain 5G Unlimited Unlimited R999
MTN 5G (200GB FUP) Unlimited Unlimited R1,249

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Best 4G and 5G broadband deals – From 10GB to uncapped