No Telkom, my ADSL problem is not fixed

Many Telkom customers have resorted to online complaints because the company is closing their support tickets as “resolved” despite the fact that the problems have not been fixed.

One Telkom ADSL subscriber explained that he logged a fault with Telkom after his ADSL line went down. Telkom contacted him, promising that a technician will resolve the fault.

The technician never arrived and the fault was never fixed. However, he did receive an SMS from Telkom which stated that the problem was resolved.

Another Telkom customer complained on HelloPeter that he opened 4 support tickets, but all these tickets were closed without the fault being fixed.

This problem is not new. In 2010, one ADSL subscriber complained that his Telkom fault reports (tickets) were closed without checking with him whether the fault was resolved.

“I’m starting to get a feeling that, since tickets that are open for a long time cause escalation queries, Telkom technicians just mark an unresolved fault as ‘closed’, so that their job performance review doesn’t suffer,” he said.

It may also be that Telkom is closing support tickets prematurely to protect the company against the “End User & Subscriber Service Charter” regulations.

According to the new draft regulations, 90% of all fixed line faults must be resolved within 3 days.

By closing support tickets as resolved, even if the faults are not fixed, it will increase Telkom’s success rate of resolving faults within 3 days.

Telkom was contacted for feedback, but the company did not respond by the time of publication.

Have you experienced the same? Please let us know in the comments below or in the forum discussion.

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No Telkom, my ADSL problem is not fixed