New Openweb ADSL concerns, comments

Over the last few months Openweb has come under fire for alleged ADSL account sharing, excessive shaping and other issues.

Openweb founder Keoma Wright answered questions related to these issues (see Openweb ADSL duplicate accounts, shaping, throttling explained), but new concerns were raised by users.

The new concerns include the company’s licensing, not being an ISPA member, and its agreement with Internet Solutions.

MyBroadband asked Wright about these concerns from some users – the answers are provided below.

Question: Why is Openweb not a member of the Internet Service Providers’ Association of South Africa (ISPA)?

Keoma Wright: We are not a first tier ISP, therefore we have not felt the need to join the ISPA.

Question: Does Openweb have an ECNS or ECS license?

Keoma Wright: Open ISP cc does not have, nor requires an ECNS / ECS license as we are not a first tier ISP, nor do we self-provide any services directly. We do however own an ECNS and ECS license under another company if the need arises. There are contracts in place between Open ISP cc and this company ready for when we do start offering services directly such as Wi-Fi access.

Question: There have been allegations that Internet Solutions does not sell “raw” IPC. This raises questions about your statements that you acquire your own IPC through Internet Solutions, and “manage the capacity” as you see fit. Can you maybe explain what service you buy from IS?

Keoma Wright: Unfortunately we cannot discuss the terms of our contract with our suppliers as this goes against confidentiality agreements in place. However, as per our [previous response], we do not sell on a per account basis. We purchase capacity opposed to accounts and manage the purchased capacity as required. Our entire product offering has been created around this self-management principle.

Internet Solutions was asked for comment regarding its ADSL IPC products, and feedback regarding this issue is expected at a later stage.

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New Openweb ADSL concerns, comments