Top 10 ADSL ISP accounts

MyBroadband speed test results for June 2014 show that Cybersmart’s ADSL accounts provided the highest average speeds.

MyBroadband’s speed test server is hosted at Teraco/NapAfrica to ensure it offers a neutral testing environment.

Over the last month, 80,000 tests were performed on MyBroadband’s speed test server, which showed that Cybersmart, Vox Telecom and Afrihost have the highest average speeds on 10Mbps ADSL connections.

The fastest ADSL connection (10Mbps) is used for this comparison, because bandwidth constraints are accentuated at higher connection speeds.

The following table shows the top 10 average ADSL ISP speeds on 10Mbps connections for June 2014.

Average ADSL speeds per ISP
Rank ISP Service Download Speed Upload Speed
1 Cybersmart ADSL ADSL 10Mbps 6.78 Mbps 0.77 Mbps
2 Vox ADSL ADSL 10Mbps 6.57 Mbps 0.66 Mbps
3 Afrihost ADSL ADSL 10Mbps 6.4 Mbps 0.69 Mbps
4 MWEB ADSL ADSL 10Mbps 6.32 Mbps 0.64 Mbps
5 Internet Solutions Consumer ADSL ADSL 10Mbps 6.25 Mbps 0.62 Mbps
6 Telkom ADSL ADSL 10Mbps 6.21 Mbps 0.65 Mbps
7 Cybersmart home uncapped ADSL ADSL 10Mbps 6.12 Mbps 0.68 Mbps
8 FNB Connect ADSL ADSL 10Mbps 6.01 Mbps 0.75 Mbps
9 Vox Fishbone ADSL ADSL 10Mbps 5.92 Mbps 0.57 Mbps
10 Cybersmart priority ADSL ADSL 10Mbps 5.65 Mbps 0.66 Mbps

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Top 10 ADSL ISP accounts