Petabyte of ADSL traffic

Internet Solutions (IS) has provided the South African business market with uncapped ADSL services for many years, and have recently expanded their uncapped and per-GB ADSL offering to penetrate the consumer market.

These high usage accounts mean that the company is carrying a fair amount of traffic, and IS’s Broadband General Manager Royden Dall revealed that they have recently exceeded 1 Petabyte (1 000 Terabytes) of monthly DSL traffic on their network.

Dall said that if IS has their way they would have uncapped DSL throughout.  Current costing structures related to DSL however means that this is not feasible in the consumer ADSL market, and Dall pointed to issues like the cost for local IPConnect from Telkom as a prohibiting factor.

MTN SA CTO Sameer Dave also recently revealed that MTN is currently carrying 200 TB of monthly traffic on its network, up from 110 TB per month in early 2009.  This significant growth gives a clear indication that there is strong bandwidth demand in South Africa, and Dave said that the challenge is to get the bandwidth to consumers.

Bandwidth growth in SA – discussion

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Petabyte of ADSL traffic