Uncapped ADSL pricing comparison

Uncapped, high speed broadband is the Holy Grail in the Internet access market.  In the developed world unlimited high speed Internet access has become commonplace with symmetrical 1 Gbps connections setting the standard in countries like Japan and Hong Kong.

Over the last few years South African broadband subscribers have become accustomed to broadband speeds of between 384 Kbps and 7.2 Mbps with typical monthly usage limits of between 500 MB and 5 GB.  SEACOM is however starting to change bandwidth pricing in the country, and various Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have dropped their per-GB pricing and launched more affordable uncapped services.

Uncapped ADSL for cheaper

Newcomers in the ADSL market DigiChilli and Screamer Telecoms have launched low-end yet affordable uncapped services with advertised speeds ranging between 256 Kbps and 512 Kbps.  Vodacom Business has also entered the uncapped ADSL space with its 4 Mbps uncapped service at around R2700 per month.

The leader in the uncapped ADSL market, Internet Solutions did not sit back to see its market share deteriorate and launched a few innovative uncapped offerings of its own, including its Uncapped Express+ ADSL accounts offering users unlimited after hours usage.

The following table provides an overview of some of the more prominent uncapped ADSL offerings in the market:

384 Kbps and lower Uncapped ADSL
Service Speed Restrictions Monthly Price
DigiChilli Uncapped 256 Kbps Guaranteed None R300
SAOL Simply Uncapped 384 Kbps None R347 (R499 all-in-one)
Screamer Telecoms ADSL Unlimited 384 Kbps None R399
OpenWeb’s Half-Month Uncapped 128 Kbps (4 Mbps after hours) –Only works from 15th of each month
–Weekday speeds of 128kbps
–After hours speeds of 4 Mbps
Axxess 4Mb Uncapped Express+ 384 Kbps (4 Mbps after hours) –10 Day Rolling Threshold of 5 GB
–Unlimited after hours
OpenWeb IS Express Uncapped ADSL 384 Kbps –10-day Threshold 5GB
–Monthly Threshold 15GB
512 Kbps Uncapped ADSL
Screamer Telecoms ADSL Unlimited 512 Kbps None R799
DigiChilli Uncapped 512 Guaranteed None R1000
OpenWeb IS Express Uncapped ADSL 512Kbps –10-day Threshold 10GB
–Monthly Threshold 30GB
Axxess 4Mb Uncapped Express+ 512 Kbps (4 Mbps after hours)

–10 Day Rolling Threshold of 10 GB
–Unlimited after hours

Openweb Vodacom Business 512 512 Kbps None R1599
1024 Kbps Uncapped ADSL
Screamer Telecoms ADSL Unlimited 1024 Kbps None R1499
OpenWeb IS Express Uncapped ADSL 1024 Kbps –10-day Threshold 20GB
–Monthly Threshold 60GB
Axxess 4Mb Uncapped Express+ 1024 Kbps (4 Mbps after hours) –10 Day Rolling Threshold of 20 GB
–Unlimited after hours
DigiChilli Uncapped 1024 Kbps Guaranteed None R3000
4 Mbps Uncapped ADSL
Screamer Telecoms ADSL Unlimited 4 Mbps None R2499
SAINET Vodacom Business 4Mbps 4 Mbps None R2599

Uncapped ADSL services – do you know of any other good ones?

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Uncapped ADSL pricing comparison