Biggest ADSL downloaders in South Africa

Over the last two months Web Africa encouraged its capped ADSL subscribers to consume as much data as they could between midnight and 06:00, with a Macbook Air and a pair of Google Glass up for grabs.

The results from Web Africa’s experiment did not disappoint. In August, the top Web Africa downloader consumed more than 5TB over the allocated 30 days.

What is particularly impressive is that all this data was consumed between 00:00 and 06:00 daily, which equates to around 1TB every 36 hours.

Web Africa Download Plus promotion in September

The latest Web Africa promotion did not reach the same data consumption heights, but was still impressive.

The top Web Africa downloader in September consumed 1.7TB, using a R39 capped data package and unlimited “Download Plus” data.

The top 10 Web Africa data users in September used an average of 1.2TB each, while the top 100 users consumed around 0.55TB on average.

During the Download Plus promotion last month close to 180,000GBs of data was used.

Cybersmart 40Mbps capped ADSL users hit it hard

Cybersmart is offering good value for money on capped VDSL accounts, and many subscribers are using these accounts to move large amounts of data.

The following table provides an overview of the largest VDSL data users on Cybersmart’s network.

Cybersmart’s biggest DSL data users
Cybersmart account Data consumed
40Mbps VDSL capped account 4,497GB
40Mbps VDSL capped account 4,341GB
40Mbps VDSL capped account 2,800GB
40Mbps VDSL capped account 2,584GB
40Mbps VDSL capped account 2,468GB

Afrihost uncapped ADSL “Data Kingpins”

Afrihost regularly publishes a list of the biggest ADSL data consumers on its network.

“Our ADSL clients are accessing more bandwidth than ever. To give you an idea of what’s possible, we’ve put together a list of our top bandwidth users over a 31 day rolling window,” Afrihost explained.

The following tables provide an overview of the biggest uncapped ADSL data users on Afrihost’s network.

Biggest Afrihost consumer uncapped ADSL data users
Consumer uncapped ADSL account Data consumed
10Mbps uncapped ADSL 1,570GB
10Mbps uncapped ADSL 1,396GB
10Mbps uncapped ADSL 1,326GB
10Mbps uncapped ADSL 1,270GB
10Mbps uncapped ADSL 1,018GB
Biggest Afrihost business uncapped ADSL data users
Business uncapped ADSL account Data consumed
10Mbps uncapped ADSL 1,721GB
10Mbps uncapped ADSL 1,426GB
10Mbps uncapped ADSL 1,377GB
10Mbps uncapped ADSL 1,367GB
10Mbps uncapped ADSL 1,060GB

Openweb top DSL data users

Openweb CEO Keoma Wright said that most of their top uncapped DSL users consume over 1TB of data per month.

Biggest Openweb uncapped DSL data users
Uncapped DSL account Data consumed
20Mbps Home Uncapped 2,100GB
10Mbps Home Uncapped 1,700GB
10Mbps Home Uncapped 1,400GB
4Mbps Home Uncapped 1,040GB
4Mbps Business Uncapped 981GB

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Biggest ADSL downloaders in South Africa