Afrihost ADSL network: good news

Afrihost has announced that a major problem it was experiencing with its ADSL traffic management devices has been identified, isolated, and fixed.

Afrihost CEO Gian Visser said that they have already seen an improvement in client experience on their network.

“The teams from Afrihost, MTN, and the overseas company are still monitoring the performance 24 hours a day, but we are confident that the biggest problem has been fixed,” said Visser.

“As you can imagine the network devices are incredibly complex and the research and development team from the overseas tech company found an error that they had never seen before,” he added.

The Afrihost ADSL problem

Visser explained that there was a memory problem which prevented any updates and changes taking effect – even though the devices were reporting that they had been installed successfully and were running properly.

This meant that ADSL traffic – especially torrenting and peer-to-peer downloading – was not being classified properly.

“This in turn meant we couldn’t effectively control these traffic protocols in peak times, which led to congestion and a slowdown of the network at times,” said Visser.

There were also some other peculiarities relating to the performance of Afrihost’s capped ADSL clients which have now been fixed.

“The great news is that the overseas R&D team managed to identify, isolate, and solve this problem,” said Visser.

“We have also seen a marked reduction in support tickets opened and phone calls received relating to this problem over the last few days.”

Afrihost ADSL network upgrade

Further good news is that Afrihost is in the process of increasing the capacity of both its South and East IPCs.

“These IPC capacity upgrades will lead to even better performance for our ADSL clients,” said Visser.

Visser encouraged any Afrihost ADSL clients who were having problems to restart their routers and test their overall speeds and general performance.

“If a client is still experiencing a problem I would encourage them to get hold of us so we can help them get to the bottom of it,” said Visser.

“Any problem now is most likely to be a localised problem such as an ADSL line issue, a router problem, or a congested exchange issue, which we will do our best to assist with.”

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Afrihost ADSL network: good news